Industrial Partners

8 Industrial Partners have been engaged in Flat Bread Mine. These partners offer a variety of specialities such as milling, baking, manufacturing, consultancy etc. These industrial partners have a crucial part in the practical approach of the development and enhancement of flatbread production.


BIMBO – Baking App. (BIM)

BAKERY IBERIAN INVESTMENTS SL, (BIMBO) is a subsidiary company of Grupo Bimbo, multinational bakery product manufacturing company headquartered in Mexico City and present in several cities around the world ( Bimbo produces among other products, several types of flat bread, like Tortilla wraps, piadas, piadinas and « Thins » in Europe. Bimbo will contribute to the project with the knowledge needed to define the recipes, evaluate the results at pilot scale and with the equipment needed to perform industrial trials. BIMBO will also contribute to designing, performing and evaluating the results of consumer tests using the developed new products.



MATARRESE – Baking App. (MAT)

MATARRESE SRL is a private company established in the 80s that provides consultancy for small-medium sized production sites for designing layout & workflows, choosing the most suitable equipment and then optimizing their use. Matarresse also prepares industrial scale up plans for sizing the machinery at industrial level after those preliminary trials have been done on a laboratory scale. The Company has 4 laboratories for training, consultancy or product testing projects. Of these, two are permanently equipped for cooking & pastry courses with the latest generation machinery. A laboratory is used for courses & conferences and the last laboratory is equipped for consulting and is dedicated for all the needs of testing & prototyping of both food & technological products.


Mr. Karlo VULIN

KROSTULA –Baking App. (KRO)

Pekarnica Krostula d.o.o. together with the co-founding role in BreadClub project is the pioneer in applying sourdough technology in a medium to large scale bakery in Croatia. Started as an industrial bakery primarily using industrial yeast & necessary amounts of dough enhancers combined with local, high-quality ingredients, Krostula made a complete switch to a modern, sourdough type of bakery using only natural (wild) yeast in combination with preferments as a leavening agent for all of its products. Krostula is primarily focused on enhancing the quality of bakery products & finding solutions for adding nutritional value, digestibility & reach for our products.



Crown Flour Mills – Milling / Baking mixes (CFM)

Crown Flour Mills is a high-end milling company, providing quality flour & flour related products to producers of flour-based foods. CFM is committed to constant innovation, & tailor-made experience for its customers through products, baking solutions & milling services. CFM is certified: ISO 22000:2015; ISO 9001:2008; YUM! Brands FSA certificate; HALAL; Certificate of acknowledgement – Min. of Environment reporting greenhouse gas emissions. CFM clients span from the local Lebanese market & across the entire Middle East & North Africa region. CFM is equipped with an analytical laboratory (flour properties, alveograph, farinograph etc.) and a baking section to carry out demonstration tests to their clients.




Yec’Hed Malt means “Healthy Malt” in Breton language. This SME is a craft malt house created in 2017 and is specialized in organic malted products to be used in the brewing & baking industries. The malting line has been designed to control all the production parameters in order to produce customized malts for YEM’s clients. Local organic cereals are considered and are transformed to obtain products for breweries, distilleries; in addition, malted flours from wheat & barley are successfully manufactured for bread & pastries.


Ms. Andreia FERREIRA

RAMALHOS – Baking oven (RAM)

RAM is a European leading company in baking equipment specializing in ovens established in 1930 in the North of Porto. RAM has continuously evolved to strengthen its production facilities and is now a very modern factory able to produce all its parts including electronic circuits. RAM develops robust equipment; in the 80s compact ovens were developed, digital panels were installed from the 90s and in 2006 a new factory was constructed including a baking Lab. In 2020, the factory is now a modern facility with a high-tech technological & interactive showroom. 2020 was also a sign of innovation with new self-cleaning ovens and the launch of a remote-control application for ovens. RAM ovens are adapted to flat bread production, as the traditional Portuguese products require often, high baking temperatures (i.e. Pastel de nata).



MS Advisory Service – Project communication & management (MSA)

MS Advisory Services Ltd, set-up in 2012, is a one-stop shop company based in Malta that specializes in EU funds & project management for SMEs, national & local public authorities and non-governmental organizations. MS Advisory Services Ltd have assisted several entities in Malta and Europe in applying & implementing EU funded projects both on a national level & transnational level. Members of the team have been involved in the management of a variety of EU funded projects since 2002. Through this experience, they have guided several organizations to deliver the objectives and to disseminate the deliverables and results of the projects through various media such as online platforms, printed media and audio-visual media.


Mr. José CHEIO

VMI – Mixing technology – (VMI)

VMI is a medium size enterprise established in 1960 which offers a comprehensive range of solutions for bakery products. VMI Mixers are the most widely used by French craftsmen today and VMI is developing even larger equipment up to continuous mixers (several tons/h). VMI is among the 3 European leaders in dough mixers. The innovation is at the center of VMI spirit with several patents application every year. VMI is partners with ONIRIS in another national project (common laboratory « MIXI-LAB » funded by ANR-France-2016-2020). This project aims at designing innovative mixers (batch & continuous) & supervisions systems for dough mixers.


The Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area will devise new R&I approaches to improve water availability and sustainable agriculture production in a region heavily distressed by climate change, urbanisation and population growth

The PRIMA programme is an Art.185 initiative supported and funded under Horizon 2020, the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.